Maintenance Tips

A few things to remember.

We recommend that you regularly maintain your personal items.

Then how to clean up the maintenance of sex toys?

1、The cleaning of the jumping egg

The most headache of the jumping egg is to say that there is a cable interconnected, here refers to the cable TV jumping egg. Therefore, in the cleanup that time do not have to grasp the cable cable method of cleaning, just to squeeze the hand tight jumpers, in order to avoid cable pull loose lead to short-circuit failure problems. Clean up also choose to scrub the dominant countermeasures, if the tap water cleaning but also pay special attention to the egg and egg buttocks connected to which position of the cable, to avoid water leakage. After cleaning the jumping egg please immediately use kitchen paper towels to scrub the gap agent cable line with slot.

2, The vibrator cleaning

① If the rechargeable battery class small toys, please remove the rechargeable battery, wipe cleaning solution, no matter which small toys are necessary before and after the application of multiple clean-up, clean-up, please first remove the rechargeable battery, do not forget to remove the rechargeable battery when not applied for a long time, battery charging products with moisture-proof plug on the cover of the moisture-proof plug, if not, as far as possible around the battery charging port cleaning. Today’s products for the battery charging port design program is also very good. Nowadays, it is usually wrapped in rubber or magnetic suction, which is very moisture-proof.

② wipe cleaning solution to clean, please apply a soft body wash or technical professional cleaning solution wipe on the vibrator, rub the vibrator with hand clean, then wash with cold water to clean only.

③ clean up with slot, many vibrating rods are all textured, with slot, must be cleaned to wash this blind area, can use cotton wool and other carefully scrubbed with slot and other blind areas to avoid germ stain residue. Do not soft bristle brush cleaning, otherwise it will scratch the tender soft rubber raw materials.

④ scrub wash, with a clean cotton towel or with non-laser hair removal toilet paper (such as facial tissue, kitchen paper), with a light press method to absorb away (such as kitchen paper towels), or blow dry on the line, here pay special attention to never apply the usual toilet paper, to prevent residual paper dust lead to the growth of germs. If the product has a texture or with a groove, after the expansion of the kitchen paper towels and so on to 95 degrees to gently scrub clean this pipe groove, to prevent residual germs in the surface of the equipment.

3, The male airplane cup cleaning

①Preferably dismantle the sealing tape, the sealing tape is cleaned under the tap.

② wipe the body wash clean up by hand or soft brush.

③ again with cold water, erosion so that the water flow can immediately cross the internal, the stain and the small gush of liquid liquid are rinsed clean!

④Spray small toys disinfectant disinfection, wait 1-2 minutes after taking paper

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