Electric Penis Enlargement Pump for Men


[ Penis Enlargement Function ] – The rhythmic negative pressure fluctuations make the penis expand, causing the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum to dilate and blood flow to increase, resulting in a gradual lengthening and erection of the penis. Users can also improve their own psychological conditions and enhance their self-confidence.
[ Extend Erection Duration ] – When mental stress makes it difficult to get an erection, the pressure pump is an essential tool for men. It assists in erection and lengthening of the penis, making it firmer and more performant.
[ 6 Modes Pressure Intensities] – There are 6 pressure levels to choose from, which makes it easy for you to adapt step by step and find the setting you are most satisfied with. This also ensure that your use is safer and more effective.
[ Safe & Instant Result ] – Using the penis pump to quickly enlarge the penis, avoiding the embarrassment during foreplay. It will make you more confident and perform better. It is a good helper to maintain intimacy.
[ Easy Operation ] – Easy operation with 3 buttons, Pressure Up + / Pressure Down – / Release Valve. The advanced automatic penis pump can effectively generate or release pressure. USB rechargeable.

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Electric Penis Enlargement Pump for Men

This Rechargeable Automatic Vacuum Penis Enlargement Electric Penis Pump will make you more confident and let youperform better in sex. Enhance pleasure and prolong intimacy.

Do you want a better performance in the couples play with your partner?

Want to get more confidence to show your male power?

And anything else you can think of?

The penic pump will be your best helper. By creating the vacuum suction, the blood in your dong will flow faster, which will enlarge your thing. As the result, your private part will be bigger, longer and harder. Here we go, you are the better man.

Penis Enlargement 


Users can also improve their own psychological conditions and enhance their self-confidence.

2 In 1 Multifunctional Penis Pump

2 In 1 Multifunctional Penis Enlargement Extend Pump
This sex toy is designed to create a vacuum suction that causes the cavernous body to repeatedly fill with blood, thus promoting an erection. It can be used as a male sex toy for the feeling of stimulation caused by the vacuum suction. The penis vacuum pump can be used as a prelude to sex to make your sex life as perfect as possible.


Penis vacuum pump can be charged by USB cable, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery.


  • Above All Assemble the engine and cylinder.
  • Choose a silicone base.
  • Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant for smooth insertion.
  • Put in your bro, turn on the power and choose the appropriate pressure setting.
  • Up to 6 settings to meet the needs of different traning stages.
  • The pressure division is finer, and the use is safer and harmless.
  • Add a Reset Function to get rid of the influence of the initial air pressure at your location on the pump.

Do not use the highest pressure setting directly.
Stop using when you feel unwell.


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