Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand


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Have Incredible Orgasms With This Cordless Wand Massager!

This powerful rechargeable wand massager comes with 10 different functions of vibration so that you can find ultimate sexual satisfaction! It’s perfect for masturbation to achieve multiple clitoral orgasms, or you can spice up your foreplay with both erotic massage and clit stimulation! Alternatively, you can give your lover the orgasm of their life by using the head gently against their balls or shaft while you orally pleasure them!

Have you ever wanted to use a vibrator only to find out you didn’t have any batteries? Worry no more! The charging cord will keep this massager ready and waiting, allowing you to enjoy this cordless wand massager anywhere! Massage your clit with the soft, textured silicone head for intense climaxes!

First Impression – TooTimid Experts

  • Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand: A rechargeable wand massager designed to make you cum hard and fast thanks to its intense massaging sensations!
  • Package includes: Rechargeable massage wand in Pink B.O.B. packaging, USB-compatible charging cord
  • “So what’s it good for?” This vibe can help you consistently cum with no problem! Send yourself over the edge with the lightest touch, or amp it up to really drive yourself wild. Because the intense vibrations of this cordless wand massager do not reverberate too much through the handle, it is comfortable to use. The silicone head is soft and easy to clean while its flexible neck also allows you to adjust this toy as necessary without fear of breaking or tearing.
  • “But what do I do with it?!” After charging, unplug the wand massager from the wall unit and charging cord. This rechargeable wand massager must be disconnected from the charging unit before use. To turn on the Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand, press the power button. To cycle through the different functions, press the heart button.
  • “My top 3 features?” Our favorite features for this cordless wand massager are the 10 unique speed functions, flexible neck, and rechargeable battery!
  • “What’s so special about that?” The 10 different speed functions allow you to adjust the vibrations so you can get the most out of your orgasm. Whether you’re looking for an easy and relaxing O or a toe-curling climax that leaves you oversensitive, this rechargeable toy will meet your needs! Its flexible neck contours your body and makes this wand even better for reaching your erogenous zones. You aren’t restricted to staying near an outlet, either, thanks to its cordless capabilities!
  • “Would I recommend it?” Yes! If you’re looking for a cordless wand massager that’s comfortable to use and sure to make you wild with desire, check out the Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand! 5 out of 5 TooTimid hearts!


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