Men Vacuum Pump


[ Function ] – Rhythmic fluctuations in vacuum pressure cause the penis to expand, which leads to dilation of blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum and increased blood flow, resulting in gradual lengthening and erection of the penis.

[3 SESSION MODES ] – There are 3 pressure levels to choose from, making it easy to gradually adjust and find the setting that suits you best. This also ensures that your use will be safer and more effective.

[Safe and instant result] – Use the penis pump to quickly enlarge your penis, avoiding embarrassment during foreplay. This will make you more confident and give a better performance. It is a good helper for maintaining intimacy.

[Easy to operate ] – Easy to operate with 2 buttons, Switches and pressure valves. The advanced automatic penis pump can create or release pressure effectively. USB charging.

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Magnification effect visible to the naked eye
Transparent shell and transparent liner, pe-nis changes are clearly visible, and the scale on the outer tube helps you understand what effect is achieved.

High-quality silicone cuff hugs the best piece to ensure an optimal seal。Using the safety valve, the air can be easily released again.

This smart automatic sex toy features a soft and flexible cone that can maximize your potential。Surf through 3 air delivery modes for breathtaking sensations!

High-quality single-ended sleeve can be used separately for passionate touch experiences.


2 IN 1 PE-NIS PUMP– Super suction power, strong acorn massage, not only can increase the size, but also massage the g-lans for perfect stimulation.

3 MODES– Convenient and easy to choose, cure your difficulty in choosing.


Want a bigger and harder effect?

This will satisfy you.
Have you ever worried that it is not durable enough?
Have you felt inferior because it is not hard enough?
Now this MEN VACUUM PUMP can solve your problem better. Not only can it be bigger, but it is also harder and more durable!

Private packaging and hot tips
Use a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant。

If you feel uncomfortable, stop using it。

Remove the motor head before cleaning。

The motor head is not waterproof !!!

The motor head is not watertight !!!


Length, circumference: 20″ long / 7.7″ 20cm


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