Bath-Time Bunny Waterproof Rabbit Vibe


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Powerful Waterproof Rabbit Vibe

This bunny dildo not only vibrates, it’s also ready for the water! As one of our top-sellers at TooTimid, this completely waterproof rabbit vibrator has an insertable length of 5″ and a diameter of 1.5″ at the top of its realistic head. Simply insert 2 of your own AA batteries with the positive signs in as instructed.

Turn its multi-speed dial to control the vibrations in the rabbit stimulator, which resonate throughout the dildo. Its vibrations are strong and concentrated on the most important parts-towards the head and in the bullet of the clit stimulator. Use your bunny dildo during bath time or in the pool for extra fun. You’ll see why it’s a customer favorite!

Please note: Do NOT remove the lining in the battery compartment as this may cause the waterproof rabbit vibrator to not function properly. Also, due to the popularity of this toy, if we are out of your selected color, you may receive another color.

First Impression – TooTimid Experts

Bath Time Waterproof Rabbit Vibe: This toy is great for anyone who wants penetration and clit vibrations in the shower!

Package includes: Vibrating dildo with bunny attachment.

“So what’s it good for?” The tip of the dildo and the rabbit ears provide internal and external stimulation with every thrust thanks to its pleasurable vibrations. Bring this waterproof toy with you into the tub, shower, or pool, and customize your speed options for additional fun! Pair it with our best-selling lube for an even sexier glide.

“But what do I do with it?!” Simply turn the dial at the base of the vibrator to turn it on and rotate between different speeds.

“My top 3 features?” Waterproof materials, vibrating rabbit, and multi-speed options.

“What’s so special about that?” Playtime in the shower can’t be beat! Because this rabbit vibrator is waterproof, you can clean it with ease and experience amazing orgasms during your morning shower or evening bath. This bunny dildo provides amazing sensations against your clit thanks to its vibrating ears. Users can also control the vibration speed to either chase their bliss or slowly reach their toe-curling climax.

“Would I recommend it?” Absolutely! The Bath Time Waterproof Rabbit Vibe is a TooTimid staff and customer favorite. Who doesn’t love an orgasm during a relaxing bath? 5 out of 5 TooTimid hearts!


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